Full Moon of St. John opened in 2008 at The shops of Coccoloba, in the heart of Coral Bay, showcasing the work of different artist and craftsmen from around the Island.
Five years later, under a new ownership, the gift shop & café serves as a platform for over 50 different artists and proudly continues the task of supporting local talent.
From turned wood, to ceramics, to paintings you would find unique pieces that capture the magic of the island.
There is a special room for recycling, or like some people rather say, up cycling different materials like glass, kites, and fabrics; giving these pieces a second chance to shine and be useful.
We also offer clothing and accessories to get you into the Island fashion; from cover ups to bags you’ll be able to look beautiful and feel comfortable.
Since scent can be a powerful memory trigger, we couldn’t miss locally made perfumes and body butters using the finest aromas like Bay rum, gardenia, coconut and frangipani.
To complete a full sense experience, Organic raw honey from the East End, hot sauces and different spices are available at the store.
Come visit us, and take a moment to treat yourself with a delicious cup of coffee and a homemade cookie. Enjoy the breeze and admire the beauty of Coral Harbor.

Art & crafts locally made